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Essentials to treat your skin in winter


While we have had a very mild Christmas, it is expected that the weather will get a lot colder over the coming weeks. A change in temperatures can also lead to a change in our skin & we may need to make changes accordingly.


Dry & dehydrated skin is as a result of severe cold temperatures outside and also the air conditioning, heat & often over heat indoors. Extreme temperatures affect all skin types, even oily skin. The first recommendation is exfoliation. The purpose of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells from the upper most layer of skin (Stratum Corneum). It helps to even out the skin texture, fight signs of ageing by removing dry dehydrated lines, prevents black/white heads & breakouts and minimises dark spots.

MATIS recommendations: Réponse Jeunesse Youth Grain, Réponse Delicate Peeling Cream


Once exfoliated it is important to shield the skin with ingredients & formulas to protect against the elements and also to hydrate and put moisture back in the skin. I will focus on some Matis products that would accomplish this. If you tend to have an outdoor lifestyle in winter e.g. an outdoor athlete, skiers or gardeners, then the Climatic Protection Balm is the product I would highly recommend. This can be used as a morning/night moisturiser or as a shield over any moisturiser. It is important however to remember that Climate Protection Balm does not provide UV protection, it protects against extreme elements. For UVA/UVB protection use City Protect 50. Regardless of weather, City Protect 50 should be used on a daily basis, and reapplied during the day. With its unique formula, which melts into the skin, and its 50 sun protection UVA UVB sunscreens, it applies in a flash and protects the skin from pollution, UV rays and free radicals. Its small size is very practical and easily fits in a hand bag.


Depending on skin type, another favourite is Hydra Protective Emulsion. This is a great moisturiser for oil skin that is dehydrated, as a day time moisturiser due to its light texture. For those with young skin, seeking age prevention, the AvantAge Comfort, would be very suitable.


A Serum gives an extra layer of protection to skin during harsh weather conditions. Similar to how we wear extra layers of clothing during cold weather, our skin also needs extra protection from the harsh elements.

MATIS recommendations: Réponse Jeunesse Optimal Moisturising Serum  


A mask is a fantastic emergency product as it can be used as an intense treatment and also as an overnight treatment.

MATIS recommendation: Réponse Jeunesse Youth Hydrating Mask


Finally, we also need to ensure eyes and lips are also protected. The skin on lips is very thin and has no oil glands to prevent it from chapping. Dry lips may also result in infections and cold sores, so it is important to ensure that we treat the lip area too. An eye mask would soften dehydration lines and restores comfort and radiance to the eyes & Lip area.

MATIS recommendation: Réponse Yeux Eye & Lip Treatment Mask


If you have any skin concern or would like assistance in choosing a product, please let us know by using the chat at the bottom right hand corner (question mark logo) or email us at